Issues and Updates for PG

This page lists topical issues for Pacific Grove and links to short commentary documents.

I posted my views on the key issues facing Pacific Grove on this page. This page may become an on-going work in progress.

State of the City 2018. Presented on 02/27/18.

State of the City 2017. Presented on 02/21/17.

State of the City 2016. Presented on 02/23/16.

State of the City 2015. Presented on 02/24/15.

State of the City 2014. Presented on 02/18/14.

PG Business Environment - Challenges and Opportunities - Text of my Keynote talk at the March 1, 2013, PG Chamber of Commerce Awards Luncheon.

The Need for Renewal - this paper describes my views on the very essential quest to maintain the beauty and character of our city.

Improving Our Business Climate - Our residents seek a business climate that reflects a vibrant community with life on the street, signs of activity, and a sense of healthy enterprise.