Bill Kampe – Updated:  12/20/08

The Case for Renewal in Pacific Grove

We know from nature there is a cycle of time, decay, and renewal, a cycle of life.  And the same is true of cities and communities.  Only by constant effort can we retain or enhance the surroundings and the relationships that we cherish in Pacific Grove.

I feel that we need to pay special attention to supporting and encouraging renewal in our city.  As a council member, I will make every effort for the city to provide constructive support for renewal.  In some areas direct city action is required; and we can remove obstacles where citizens can and are prepared to act for the benefit of the city.

Our Environment

Our recreation trail, parks, and our urban forests draw us to Pacific Grove and keep us here. Yet time works to undo what we love. We need continuing renewal of these resources. As a council member, I will ensure that these topics are included in the priorities of the city.

Our Streets and Buildings

Our streets and buildings need constant renewal to maintain the character that links us to the past yet provides a quality of life for today and for the future. Well intended citizens who strive to preserve and enhance their properties often find unfair obstacles to their efforts. The result is that many give up, just when we need the energy and commitment of our property owners to preserve the vitality of our community. As a council member, I will strive for clarity on the intended character of our town, and the greatest possible simplicity for the applicants who wish to maintain the houses we live in and the shops we do business in.

Our Family Programs

The opportunities for our next generations to grow and to thrive are one of the most critical factors in any community. The library, the museum, and our recreation programs have changed dramatically in the past 2 years. As a council member, I will advocate the best possible use of these assets.

Our Community Spirit

One of the delights of our town is the spirit we see for our big events, such as Good Old Days, the Feast of Lanterns, the Fourth of July, and the Butterfly Parade. Selfless volunteers make these things happen for the good of the community. Yet we also have deep divisions on many issues that are important to our future. As a council member, I will respect the diversity of our community, seek to understand all viewpoints, and make decisions for the benefit of Pacific Grove and the many people who make up this community. I will work to find the most constructive possible solutions.