Pacific Grove News

October 29, 2014

Bill KampeElection Day is Near!

Four months ago I announced that I will seek re-election as Mayor.  I've greatly appreciated the encouragement from many people over the past several months since taking that step.  I felt it was important to make sure I could serve the citizens of our city well, and that there is a good prospect of making a positive difference.

I've enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to meet so many of our citizens during this campaign.  I've walked to over 2700 homes so far. I've enjoyed the interactions.  Everyday is a learning experience in some way and I find that very useful for the deliberations we take as a council.  Your comments make a difference.

We have been making progress in a number of areas for our City.  I would like to see that progress continue, and am committed to that cause.  We have both challenges and opportunities ahead.  I am eager to be a part of that. As a community, we have wonderful talents that contribute in so many ways to our city.  When we draw from those talents and translate ideas into useful actions, we make the progress we need.

Thanks again to all who have urged me to take this step.  I appreciate your encouragement and support.  And I certainly hope and ask for the support of our community at large in this effort.

Please contact me at if you have comments.  And please be sure to vote!

A Closing Thought

I believe the desire for a positive spirit is strong in PG.  I believe that we can find ways to work together.  I believe we can create the future we desire for ourselves and for our city. Yes we can!

Bill Kampe